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Allocation of social Housing

To apply for social housing in Lambeth (that is council and housing association homes) you need to join the housing register. We are not able to offer a home to most people who apply to us for housing; there are currently 20,000 people already on the list and each year we only have about 1,200 new lettings.

Housing applications are taken on line and properties bid for through Choice Based Lettings:-
Lambeth website

When assessing the need to move on medical or welfare grounds the Council’s medical advisor will take into account all relevant circumstances including: a physical or learning disability and people with behavioural problems.
Depending on circumstances, the Council’s medical advisor can also recommend increasing the allowed property size on medical grounds for instance if it is considered inappropriate for children with SEN to be sharing a bedroom. This does not guarantee applicants will be successful at bidding for homes as there may be other bidders with a higher priority. This is especially the case for larger homes in popular areas.

Call:- 020 7926 4200

Home Adaptations

Disabled Facilities Grant can be awarded to help adults and children with disabilities live as independently as possible. For more details see:
Lambeth website

Call: 020 7926 4446

Housing Advice

Generic housing advice is provided through the Housing Advice team who can provide guidance on a range of housing issues or sign post to other services. .We can often give you help and advice on your housing issues and needs, over the telephone. We can also arrange for you to see an adviser who will talk to you about your housing needs in private.
Lambeth website

Call: 020 7926 4200

Your social worker will be able to provide details on more specific options and available support.